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05.12.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Premiere: Nídia takes her percussive club sounds to Lafawndah's 'Tourist'

"It's a song for our inner child who's tryna be at the club..."

Ancestor Boy‘, released earlier this year, was Lafawndah’s debut full-length, an accomplished exploration of her musical genealogy.

Closely following up the album is a new remix compilation: ‘Ancestor Boy II’, which arrives via the London-based artist’s own Concordia imprint. It invites a selection of electronic pioneers from around the globe to reimagine her cuts, including Howie Lee (hear his Dummy mix), Cõvco and São Paulo’s Linn da Quebrada and Pininga.

Nídia (formerly Nídia Minaj) of Lisbon’s Príncipe Discos chops up ‘Tourist’, channelling Lafawndah’s reverence for percussion by pitting off-kilter, neck-snapping drums next to vocal stabs.

“Nídia and I met during Honey Colony in London,” Lafawndah says of the remix. “She’s one of my favourite producers and it’s an honour to have her rework my track. It’s a song for our inner child who’s tryna be at the club.”

‘Ancestor Boy II’ is released via Concordia on December 6 2019.

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