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12.04.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

One quick question: Celestial Bodies

CELESTIAL BODIES are Ferry, Tobias, Taro and Edward. They make moody, brooding, ‘Mode-esque music that is as perfect for listless bedroom listening as it is late night dancing. Their awesome double A-side 7”, Vanity/Waste Your Time, is out today as the first release on new label Home.Under.Ground Records (listen to Vanity above). Lead singer Ferry Gouw is also an acclaimed illustrator/video director. As well as making the amazing video for Vanity, he’s created and directed loads more for other folk including The xx, Vampire Weekend and, most famously, Major Lazer. Which made me wonder one thing…

Celestial Bodies, what would you look like if you were animated characters?

Ferry: Fred Rechid, from Spongebob Squarepants. He’s randomly inserted into scenes, sometimes as a customer at Krabby Patty, sometimes as a random passerby. His catchphrase is “My leg!” (Watch on youtube.)

Tobias: Dexter. There is simply no need to explain or justify it. I always wanted to be him and apart from the height difference, I am.

Taro: Kitaro from Gegege no Kitaro. He’s been my role model since I was a kid. He hangs out with a bunch of ghouls in Tokyo. He was born in a cemetary and his father is an eyeball. We have the same hair-cut. I’d be him! (Watch on youtube.)

Edward: Woodstock.

Celestial Bodies Vanity/Waste Your Time is out today on limited edition 7” vinyl. Buy it now from Home.Under.Ground Records.

Celestial Bodies’ myspace

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