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24.01.2011, Words by dummymag

One quick question: Still Corners

I’d hazard a guess Still Corners love spending endless summer days in darkened rooms, watching sinister movies and playing records. The London quintet specializes in a hallucinating pop, juddering widescreen reveries drenched in hazy 60’s nostalgia. Cinematic tension seeps out of every smudged second, so finding out which film they dream of scoring was the obvious way to wrap up this introduction.

If you could have written the soundtrack for any film, which film would you choose and why?

Rosemary’s Baby. Strange neighbors, a witch coven thriving in downtown Manhattan’s Dakota building, casting spells on the unwitting and beautiful Mia Farrow played opposite by John Cassavetes (Faces, Shadows). This film is lovely and creepy all at the same time. Despite having an already brilliant soundtrack by Krzysztof Komeda we’d love to do our take on it. I know every scene of this movie by heart and really feel this movie and think we could do it justice. This is the only film that scares me every time I watch it.

Still Corners will play The Garage in London on February 10th

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