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08.02.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Orphan101 versus Wikipedia

Orphan101 is a Bristol producer whose take on bass music dances decidedly in the dark. His tracks simmer with industrial weight, moving through shadowy techno propulsion, all underpinned by thick bass and moody atmospheres.

Following on from the brooding rumbles of last month’s ‘Propa/Disemble’ 12” on Apple Pips, he’s now gearing up to release his ‘Into You’ EP on Saigon Recordings, from which a snippet of the first track is available to download here. Below, he selects a reconnaissance aircraft urban legend, crystal structures and Dave Chappelle as key wikipedia reading.

Who are you?

Orphan101 (Rob Davies).

What do you want?

To see the return of Jim’ll Fix It on prime time television.

How do you record?

With an abnormal amount of ease.

What do you sound like?

An educated pirate.

What are your current favourite wikipedia links?

Saigon Recordings will release Orphan101’s ‘Into You’ EP on February 28th


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