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08.10.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Peter Talisman continue their album rollout with hazy, synth-driven single 'Dance of the Equinox'

The new single is like "if a lumbering farm hand tried to write a Basement Jaxx song inside of a dream..."

Samual Organ and Slugabed are back with a brand new offering under their Peter Talisman alias, sharing ‘Dance of the Equinox’, the latest taste of the duo’s forthcoming album, ‘Lord Of The Harvest’.

The new release continues proceedings after their previous two singles ‘We Have To Leave This Town Because I Have Done Something Unforgivable’ and ‘A Life-Changing Discovery’ began to carve out the mysterious story surrounding Peter Talisman and his companions.

Both halves of the Peter Talisman project have released their own solo projects this year already, Organ dropping ‘A Safe Place In Cyberspace’ and Slugabed toasting his ‘we have the window open at night’ record. Playing on the tropes of old-time English folklore and wild west aesthetics, Organ and Slugabed are now using this joint endeavour to experiment with different creative avenues and narratives, dreaming up an alternate universe for their elusive protagonist and telling the tale through their moody productions.

In typical style for the pair’s Talisman moniker, ‘Dance of the Equinox’ weaves traditional folk music sounds with obtuse production techniques, synthesisers and live instruments, continuing their album rollout with an equally upbeat and confusing single.

On the track, the pair say: “Dance Of The Equinox is like if a lumbering farm hand tried to write a Basement Jaxx song inside of a dream, and couldn’t entirely recall it when awakened.”

Stream ‘Dance of the Equinox’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘Dance of the Equinox’ by Peter Talisman is out now via DMY.

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