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01.12.2023, Words by Billy Ward

phonewifey explores the confusing nature of modern life on 'idk anything'

"I think it’s a very understated but honest piece of music..."

After recently teaming up with girl_irl for the scorching alt-pop anthem 'Hypebeast', phonewifey returns with a brand new solo offering. 

Titled 'idk anything', the experimental producer's  is a soft and introspective internet-ballad which sees the experimental pop talent traversing the confusing nature of our current times.

"Making this song was akin to a form of automatic writing," says phonewifey. "I just started making an instrumental with no preconceptions or prior ideas, just playing around, inventing little loops and layers and gradually honing the bits that stuck. Before I was even really aware of what was going on I had written lyrics and recorded vocals that just seemed to suggest themselves from the ether of what had naturally emerged."

They add: "I think it’s a very understated but honest piece of music that totally intuitively reflects a very specific moment inside my head. I don’t know if it’s about anything concrete but I feel like it communicates a fragile sort of confusion and vulnerability in the present moment."

Stream 'idk anything' below or listen with your preferred player here

'idk anything' by phonewifey is out now on NEW DANCE CRAZE via DMY.

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