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05.11.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: BEAN's 'Flatter' is Arca-inspired brilliance

22-year-old, Berlin-based Benjamin Led (aka BEAN) began making music aged 15 using a cracked copy of Ableton he found on his brother's laptop.  

With influences spanning from Arca to Rachmaninoff, the artist has taken to reshaping classical music techniques into electronic music – with some wildly impressive results.

His second release on the LA-based label TAR, his 'PSYCHO' EP smashes together frenzied elements of ambient and trance in a wholly transcendental way – with more than a few hints of Evian Christ, doon kanda, and the aforementioned auteur, Arca. 

Take a listen to 'Flatter' below.

TAR will release BEAN's 'PSYCHO' EP on November 9th. 

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