New Music
23.04.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Premiere: BODYGUARD - Sex With AXE™ On

BODYGUARD is James Ferraro’s new band, a project he introduced to the world back in February via his ‘Silica Gel’ mixtape. Raiden is BODYGUARD’s debut single, out tomorrow on Hippos In Tanks, and you can hear B-side Sex With AXE™ On for the first time below. It’s a woozy, disconcerting affair, like the soundtrack to a pre-millennial movie about internet hackers. Ferraro on vocoder vocals slips into the male lead role with ease. As indicated by the title – Sex With AXE™ On (AXE™ is the US name for Lynx, UK folks) – holds up a mirror to consumer culture, honing in on the duality at its core: we recognise the absurdity yet are complicit in the desire. Get the full effect of the artwork below.

Hippos In Tanks release BODYGUARD ‘Raiden’ as a digital single on 24th April 2012


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