New Music
12.06.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: FAY – That's The Part

Time No Place, a relatively new Kompakt-affiliated label based in LA, are releasing an album by FAY, which is made out of abstract glitches and fractured song structured, and sounds something like SND crossed with Timbaland. It’s one of the most adventurously funky, personal and accomplished records that’s come my way in a long time, and it gives me great pleasure to premiere a track from it, That’s The Place. Stream it below her explanation of the recording.

“The droning stop-start rhythm in “That’s The Part” is a catharsis – a void – almost like you become paralyzed when it turns on, or rather, you are within a thickness, physically, there is only that vibration, it becomes the rhythm at which you move and nothing else can come in until the forced entry of the opposing beat, as if someone had switched the channel.”

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