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17.07.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Premiere: Gohan – Peur (album stream)

Recent years have seen an explosion of moody techno by guys who are good at design and the internet, which is one of the reasons, to be frank, I only let people play K-pop in the office. But still, from time-to-time, the art of sounding like a really, really tough breakup is carried off with such craft, style and aplomb it deserves as wide as possible an audience.

Such was my reaction when excellent blooger and one-time rap producer Gohan sent across his album ‘Peur’ a few months ago. It’s an 11-track album themed around being scared (hence the name “peur” – fear in his native French), and it’s a wonderful mix of craft and imagination, stunningly well-produced yet approached with a fresh, endearing ingenuousness that injects some much-needed energy into the tired scene. It’s available through his own Peur Bleue records imprint, and a trailer is also out there, viewable below.

Gohan’s album “Peur” (Peur Bleue Records / PB001) from Peur Bleue on Vimeo.

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