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08.08.2017, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Guy Andrews - Fjell

Guy Andrews is a London based musician renowned for creating dark, atmospheric music, combining a variety of influences from post-rock, techno and electronica to create expansive, cinematic soundscapes. Having done a mix for us a few years back, we are more than aware of his skills. He has a new album out on 22nd September, 'Tåke', on the Houndstooth label – the follow up to last year's 'Our Spaces' – and we look forward to hearing the fruit of his work with acclaimed musician Alev Lenz, and the continued progression of his otherworldly sound. Today, Andrews releases the first single from his new project, 'Fjell'. On first listen, the glacial tones are piercing to the ear, as he attempts to bridge a gap between his post-rock and techno influences, seeking balance in a chaotic six and a half minutes.

 "I was inspired to write Fjell by walking up a mountain in Wales called Cadair Idris," Andrews told Dummy over email. "Each section in the song's arrangement reflects the stages of challenge the mountain presents, and the sense of reward you get from reaching certain points. This experience resonates closely to what inspired my new album, 'Tåke'. It was a hike in Norway that gave me inspiration to write music that captures the sense of accomplishment you get from exploring new places and taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Each track is a mini documentary of thought processes and experiences inspired by my recent adventures. Fjell is a track that moulds two key musical influences of mine together: post-rock and techno. I wanted to see if I could find a middle ground that retained enough familiarity between both genres. Getting the two genres to fuse together sonically was the most exciting part of writing this."

Listen to 'Fjell' exclusively below, and pre-order his new 'Tåke' album here.


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