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Ramzi houti kush
12.06.2015, Words by Aurora Mitchell

Ramzi - ramzi prophecy

We've been following Vancouver's 1080p for a while now – having premiered a track from SETH's latest cassette last month. The warm, atmospheric pads and nocturnal, meditative sound that has come to typify the label has quickly made them one of our favourites to follow. 

We're sharing a cut from an upcoming release from Vancouver's Phoebé Guillemot, also known as RAMZI. ramzi prophecy is part of 'Houti Kush', which will be her first release on 1080p. Opening with the calming ribbit of frogs and crickets, the track works in key-shifting loops with intermittent vocal samples coming together to form a ghostly choir in the forefront. 

The label has been going since 2013 and has been progressing at a rapid rate with nearly 50 releases to their name already. Last month, they put out a mix for Editorial Magazine which featured all original both currently unreleased and previusly released 1080p material.  

1080p will release 'Houti Kush' on July 21st (buy). 

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