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23.02.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Turner - Section

Brighton based producer/DJ Turner has become a well known entity in the club scene over the years, helped in no small part by his own Cella Records, which has been ratified and supported by some of the dancefloor's most vital figures, including veterans such as Mala, DJ Hatcha and Joe Nice. Taking the next step in what has been a natural growth, he will release Section, a three-track EP, on March 2nd.

Today, we're premiering the project's title track. Introducing a tightly woven and minimal instrumentation, it is embedded in surging low frequency emissions akin to the old-school sounds of dubstep and closely aligned with electronic sound system culture. Switching up the pace after Rastafari vocals light up the fire anew, jittery kicks and hi-hats add to the track's intensity.

Listen below, and pre-order the Section EP here.

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