New Music
14.09.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

PRINCE SUNARAWMA – Irene (LP stream)

In August 2011, Hurricane Irene blew through Brooklyn. One of the harshest storms to hit the Rotton Apple in a generation made a city hole the fuck up and shake, none harder than the musicians down a sidestreet in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Prince Rama and Sun Araw. These two fascinating figures in underground psychedelica have been working diligently at music’s exploratory fringes, Prince Rama unnerving and re-stitching pop tapestries, Sun Araw exploring the furthest reaches of scorched guitar loops. This 20 minute composition, recorded live and in one take and released by French record label Atelier Ciseaux, is stirring, striking and complex, a beautiful soundtrack to the night a hard wind blew.

The Soundcloud is accompanied by this text:

We watched 2012 with the RAMA downstairs neighbors right before we recorded this trapped in their apartment during HURRICANE IRENE. 2012 is a movie by Roland Emmerich but there’s this other movie he made called JOEY where this kid is getting calls on a toy telephone from his dead father. We called this phone, but only got a muffled answering machine. We grabbed our instruments and left a really long message.

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