New Music
24.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Prism House - Need You (Part I)

Prism House are releasing an EP through Ceremony soon, and have shared a new track in advance. Recently premiered on Vice, Need You (Part I) is the most dancefloor-averse dance track you’ll hear today. Despite the occasional moments that you might recognise as ‘clubby’ on their own (a rugged techno stomp, blasts of sub bass), it never really allows itself to follow through – any moments of repetition get drowned out by the intrusive found sounds, whilst the track mutates every few bars. This is without even mentioning the absence of anything that could even resemble a conventional melody. It all ends in a wash of ambient sound and stringed instruments, and feels like it never really went anywhere over it’s running time, which – you’d suspect – is exactly what they wanted.

Ceremony will release the ‘Reflections’ EP on March 5.

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