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23.11.2021, Words by Billy Ward

psiv taps up E.V.E for Y2K inspired Nigerian alté single 'So Sexy'

It's an empowering anthem nudging listeners to embrace a lifestyle of self-confidence...

Keeping the ball rolling after releasing his debut EP ‘Welcome to The 234’ alongside a series of multifaceted singles over the last twelve months, psiv is back with a brand new track to close out the year, entitled ‘So Sexy’.

Much like himself, the Nigerian talent’s music is an eclectic blend of influences and cultures, cutting across Afro-swing, drill, Afrobeats and western rap influences to create some truly dynamic fusions. His latest offering taps into the nostalgia of the Y2K era to deliver a record that has the potential to become an underground cult classic in Nigeria’s burgeoning alté scene.

With pioneers such as BOJ, Teezee and Santi, the predominantly Gen-Z movement has grown to not only encompass an alternative blend of Afrobeats, pop and rap, but an entire ethos and artistic sensibility. Paying homage to the boom in 90s pop culture and fashion happening across Nigeria, Ghana, and several parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, psiv’s ‘So Sexy’ is an empowering anthem nudging listeners to fully embrace a lifestyle of absolute self-confidence.

The track enlists the help of fellow artist E.V.E, who lays down her vocals over the Zolo-produced beat. Inspired by retro Nollywood culture, psiv continues to don his more laid-back rap style, which gave previous tracks such as ‘Wine & Lobster’ their buttery-smooth sound.

Stream ‘So Sexy’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

‘So Sexy’ by psiv and E.V.E is out now via DMY.

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