New Music
30.03.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Pure X - Voices [live video]

Pure X (interviewed here) are a band that hold lightly in their hands the power to inspire deep devotion. This brief phone clip is of them playing Voices (out last year on Acephale) at our SXSW party in their hometown of Austin. It shows the trio mid-set, casually crafting an intensely immersive, hazily beautiful world. That rooftop was perfect for them – all the elements combined: the fading warmth the day had left behind; a springtime breeze; the dusk backdrop to the blue and purple lights.

The crazy/sexy/cool thing is you can hear all of those things in their recorded music, you can feel that atmosphere. There’s a very apt timed comment on the Soundcloud file of Chain Reaction II on their website. It says: “Glorious moods being created.” Eyes and ears wide open for their debut album coming up on Acephale later this summer.

Pure X ‘You’re In It Now’ 12” EP is out on Acephale/Light Lodge imminently. Pre-order it here. Their debut album will follow in the summer.


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