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12.03.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Quick catchup: Mount Kimbie

Last year, Kai Campos and Dominic Maker of MOUNT KIMBIE produced one of our favourite 12s, the astonishing ‘Maybes’ EP on Scuba’s Hotflush Records, which sounded like euphoric garage but also had the most wonderful strings and drones on the side, and announced them as a Major Talent.

So, we blasted them some questions about what they are up to at the moment, and found out about their new album, due late May/early June. Very excited.

How’s it all going?

Busy. Very busy. But we are both enjoying the whole experience and are exceptionally excited about the future!

What’s the album sounding like?

It’s difficult to describe. It’s sounding different, I suppose in the same way both EPs did at first. There are more of our own vocals on the album and for me personally, much of it sounds deeper than most of our other tracks to date, there are some pretty ‘heavy’ moments that really compliment the more delicate aspects. Some tracks are purely two minute loops that change subtly and are created entirely from samples that we have personally recorded. I’m hoping it will be a very interesting listen to say the least.

Could you tell me some of the details – who is it with, what’s it called, who, if any collaborators you’re working with, when’s it coming out, where it was recorded and so on?

The album is being released through Hotflush Recordings. We have not decided on a title yet, in fact that will probably be the hardest thing we have to work out! Both really struggle with names. The album was recorded in Saltdean in Brighton, in London and on the odd train journey and it is due for release in late May / early June.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m currently listening to a lot of Micachu, James Blake, Scuba, A Dancing Beggar, Little Dragon, Deadboy and Klaus. The other day I bought a load of Drone music and listened solely to that for two days, an interesting experience to say the least as I’ve never actually sat and listened to sound that gave me such a mixture of feelings, those being consistent tension and a sense of impending doom! I’m sure there must be a lighter side to Drone…perhaps not listening to it in a large, dimly lit garage that is full of hefty spiders would be a start…

Any plans for the live show?

We have a load of dates penciled in from March onwards. The new live set is really fun to play and we are keeping it very much ‘live’ as neither of us own Ableton. We build loops manually using a guitar, looping pedal, Maschine, Kaoss Pad, snare and ride cymbal… and our own vocals too.

Have you any musical tips you’d like to share?

I guess the only real tip I can offer is to try to be as experimental as possible musically, the results can be very surprising. Also, disturbingly, I find the producing music through a hangover is usually the most productive of times.

What’s your favourite mountain?

Mount Kimbie, although Mount Blanc is pretty good too.


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