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11.06.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Raelle's 'Sunrise' is a laidback Neo-soul number about new beginnings

"To me it represents hope, peace, clarity, and the promise of a new day..."

South East London’s Raelle today shares her smooth single ‘Sunrise’, the final track in the lead up to her upcoming EP ‘Wake up Sunshine’ dropping this summer.

After her previous release ‘Purple Skies’ referenced nature to explore an array of emotions, the vocalist’s new track once again uses a metaphor to describe being present in the moment.

Blending shimmering piano riffs and infectious harmonies to land at her Neo-soul sound, Raelle exudes optimism as she sings about the morning sun and the hope it brings.

“Life can get in your head, it can make you forget and confuse the things that are important. The journey can sometimes seem never ending and the failures can really get you down. ‘Sunrise’ to me does not only represent new beginnings, but it has always allowed me to go back to the present moment and take in what I can and be grateful for the people and blessings I have surrounding me,” says Raelle about the track. “To me it represents hope, peace, clarity, and the promise of a new day where you are able to make what you want of it, and choose the future you want to lead.”

We’ve been working with Raelle on the new track via our DMY Artists.

Stream ‘Sunrise’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

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