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09.10.2023, Words by Billy Ward

RAPTUM delivers icy new UK rap cut 'The Scene (Sade in the PM)'

"A profound exploration of self and London's transient romantic scene..."

Continuing the momentum from his high-energy September release 'No Biggie', rising East London talent RAPTUM now invites his audience on a reflective journey into the depths of his mind and the short-lived romances found within London's fast paced scene on his latest offering, 'The Scene (Sade in the PM)'. 

Produced by Remdolla, the new cut splices elements of drill and UK rap, creating a transcendental sonic experience that is further accentuated by RAPTUM's heartfelt and passion-backed delivery. 

Speaking on the creation of the song, RAPTUM shares: "The writing process was heart-wrenching and deeply cathartic; it all began as an exploration of worth, which then evolved into a profound exploration of self and London's transient romantic scene. The title itself pays homage to those nights I’d spend listening to the enchanting melodies of Sade whilst partaking in 'The Scene'."

Stream 'The Scene (Sade in the PM)' below or listen with your preferred player here

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