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13.05.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Roni Kaspi Releases Debut EP 'PONI'

Renowned jazz drummer explores musical boundaries

Kaspi's achieved a lot already. Cutting her teeth as the the international touring drummer in the global jazz bass collective, Avishai Cohen at just 20 years old, she went on to win ‘Best Jazz Drummer of the Year’ at The Drumeo Awards at 23. Now, Roni Kaspi showcases her skills as a singer-songwriter and producer with her debut EP, 'PONI'.

The eclectic collection of six tracks push the boundaries of pop, blending the eccentricities of jazz with futuristic pop synth keys and Kaspi's distorted vocals. On 'Falling With You' Kaspi's work feels reminiscent of the psychedelic sounds of Tame Impala as she explores themes of heartbreak and frustration. Elsewhere, on 'You Shine', her sound is unpinnable, shapeshifting constantly, refusing to be tamed.

Throughout, Kaspi's drumming expertise shines through, while managing to not overpower her vocals or the rest of the EP's production. It's an impressive debut that positions Roni Kaspi as a talented act with plenty more intrigue to come.

'PONI' is out now. 

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