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Rose Rose Photo by Romain Ruiz1
18.10.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Rose Rose turn in disco-infused Elephant Talk remix of 'Sky Queen'

Fusing the duo’s passion for disco with a darker, garage-infused ambiance...

After releasing remixes of their debut EP 'Eye to Eye' by acclaimed artists such as Pastel and Roisto, rising dance duo Rose Rose are back with Elephant Talk’s remix of 'Sky Queen'.

The pair behind the project, Samuel and Pierre, are self-taught multi-instrumentalists from Paris and London who have been making music together for a decade. 

Originally released back in March, Rose Rose's EP spotlights their joint love for disco, house, and pop - resulting in a body of work reminiscent of the French electronic scene of the early 2000s.

Earlier this year, the duo explained how they composed the EP "between Paris and London and saw 'Eye to Eye' as an opportunity to pay tribute to the sounds that made our teen ages whilst simultaneously reinterpreting them. Although we try to stay very private during the final production stages of our music, the early composition stages of 'Charlotte' and 'Sky Queen' started collectively, involving friends and family in the writing process."

Drawing inspiration from the influential UK house era, Elephant Talk pays tribute to the British side of the duo's diverse musical inspiration, fusing the duo’s passion for disco with a darker, garage-infused ambiance.

Stream 'Sky Queen' (Elephant Talk Remix) below or listen with your preferred player here

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