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26.11.2020, Words by dummymag

RyL0 shares glitched-out hyperpop single 'Fancam'

Watch the New Jersey native take us on a reality TV-style tour of LA in the video...

New Jersey’s RyL0 follows up her music industry skewering ‘Rat Race’ single with ‘Fancam’, a digitised track that fits seamlessly into the hyperpop universe.

Featuring and produced by Aaron Enoch, ‘Fancam’ finds RyL0’s vocals pitched up and whizzing, skittery production in a nod to our increasingly digital love lives.

RyL0 is a newcomer in the pop sphere (check her incredible Charli XCX-inspired Halloween costume) and we’ve been working with her on the track via our DMY Artists.

Watch the video, directed by Antoinette Ricchio and Lauryn Henry, where RyL0 takes us on a reality TV-style tour of LA, below.

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