New Music
04.10.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

RYV - Yaspring

This particular wonderful medley of free-to-download noises comes from American producer RYV's new EP 'hwut', released just two days ago on Stereocure, a music/art collective and independent record label based in LA. This track,Yaspring, is our favourite of the EP: RYV, otherwise known by his real name Charlie Abbott, creates in it a delicious blend of glitches and gloaming.

With ever-thickening spacey chords of flute-like synth and bulging bass, the song moves quickly through its treasure trove of percussive sounds: high-register bells, clicks, kicks, taps, pops and cutting hi-hats. Vocal samples, chopped and skewed, with the sudden buzz of distorted lead synth crackles, punctuate this futuristic opener to an EP littered with bright shards of experimentalism. Stream the rest of it here.

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