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South London Ordnance He Do The Police
23.07.2013, Words by dummymag

South London Ordnance - Modular Splash (JD Twitch remix)

South London Ordnance has launched a new label named Aery Metals, and he's inaugurating it with an EP of his own named 'He Do The Police In Different Voices', which comes with the genuinely excellent artwork pictured aboveSaid EP sounds pretty exciting, made up of a handful of original tracks, one featuring Brolin, as well as remixes from Dummy favourites JD Twitch, TG's Chris Carter, a Factory Floor remix by Nik Void. Phew. Today you can hear JD Twitch's version of Modular Splash, named his "West Glasgow Optimo Mix", which sounds like a Larry Heard tune being played in reverse. Oh yeah, it's a free download, too.


Aery Metals will release the 'He Do The Police In Different Voices' EP on August 19th.

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