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07.11.2012, Words by Karen Chan

Steve Hauschildt - Constant Reminders

As one third of Cleveland band Emeralds, Steve Hauschildt has been performing in a trio outfit since 2006 as well as releasing an abundance of recordings that are extremely limited or normally out of print. Outside of Emeralds, Hauschildt also produces under his own name. Following up ‘Tragedy & Geometry’ LP that came out on Kranky last year, he will return to the Chicago label this month for his fourth solo output, entitled ‘Sequitur’, in which features Constant Reminders, streamable and downloadable below.

You can always rely on Steve Hauschildt for sweet, balmy and intricate sounds; Constant Reminders is no exception. Adorned with his own distorted vocals that’s tinged with a faint sense of sorrow, it’s an expanding slice of music, marked with tenderness, swimming in a wealth of synth melodies and drifting in bloated arrangements. Simple, effective, and beautiful. Listen below.

For more Steve Hauschildt, listen to his comforting Hurricane Sandy mix here.

Kranky will release Steve Hauschildt – ‘Sequitur’ on 12th November, 2012

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