New Music
06.06.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Stream D'eon's exciting LP 'LP' in full

Chris D’eon’s musical life began at a very early age as an only child with a stack of keyboards and has taken him to a monastery in the Punjab hills and back home again. Juggling the timelessness of faith and the sleek demands of the modern world, his new album ‘LP’ is an ambitious attempt to find God through the internet with the archangel messenger Gabriel in a starring role. The stained glass-style artwork on the cover runs with the idea but ‘LP’ is also incredibly subtle. Aside from the brilliant melodic and rhythmic complexity of the album there’s a openness to the music that aims for the simple idea of religiosity before it focuses on the specifics of religion itself. Pop is the prism for D’eon and the full ‘LP’ handles its difficult subject matter with candour and real grace.

‘LP’ is released by Hippos in Tanks and is available now as a digital download and as a limited-run vinyl on the June 10th.

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