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Sways Press 2
12.03.2021, Words by dummymag

UK rapper Sways shows he is undefeated on 'Repeat'

Blending a variety of flows, 'Repeat' is the follow-up to Sways's 'Sweet One'

Brought up in a household submerged in hip-hop and grime, Croydon rapper Sways is no stranger to the world of rap.

Now, following the success of his ‘Sweet One’ single, which has amassed over 100k streams, Sways hits back with ‘Repeat’.

We’ve been working with Sways on the new cut via our DMY Artists. With twinkling production courtesy of Swiss producer Ozo Beats, the South Londoner demonstrates his versatility, flipping between ad-libs and fleshed-out lyrics, proving he is, in his words, “cut from a different cloth.”

Bad up the beat and repeat comes from the mindset of if I can do it once I can bad it up and do it again,” Sways says of the track.

Watch the video for ‘Repeat’ below, or stream it via your preferred player here.

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