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19.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Tasty Morsels - Music To Play Tony Hawk To

‘Life On Wheels: Music To Play Tony Hawk To’ is a compilation released by new web label Tasty Morsels. The accompanying description on the Tasty Morsels website names the producers behind the tracks as Malcolm Bird, Watson Fothergill, Doctor Oetker, Dusty, Alu Gong and JS Electricals – as we’re sure you can guess, these probably aren’t their legal names. But while the producers behind the tracks seem to be hiding behind a veil of secrecy, the music is a long way away from the shadowy Tumblrisms that anonymity often ends up being a shorthand for. Colourful and playful, the compilation consists of short beats, electronic snippets and chopped samples, recalling everything from Stone’s Throw hip hop to modular curiosities to Hudson’s Heeters at its more schizophrenic moments.

You can stream a selection of the tracks below, and download the entire 30-track compilation for free over at the Tasty Morsels website.

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