New Music
30.07.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Terror Danjah & Riko Dan – Dark Crawler

Terror Danjah has long been one of grime’s most interesting and prescient producers. His sound – layers of luminous, cartoonish contrasting melody piled on top of each other, often combined with hyper R&B love chants – doesn’t quite fit with the bare, threatening futurism that has formed much of the critical consensus of grime, but has long held sway over the underground. He’s one of Kode9’s favourite grime producers, and Hyperdub are now releasing his second official album, ‘Dark Crawler’. You can read an interview we did with him back in 2009, and the report on the techniques of his first Hyperdub album, ‘Undeniable’, and stream the first tune from the record, featuring Riko Dan.

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