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04.12.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

The best music to buy on December's Bandcamp Day

From sad garage bangers to locked groove compilations, here's what you can splash your cash on today

As we approach the end of the year, the last Bandcamp Day is upon us. You know the drill by now – it’s the day where the music platform is waiving its fees to give artists a fairer share of the deal in a year where their income has likely been slashed by the pandemic. To coincide with this, Hype Machine has just unveiled Merch Table – an instant way to convert your Spotify playlists into buyable Bandcamp lists. Simply paste the link to a playlist and voila! (Here’s our NEXT HYPE playlist in Merch Table format). We’ve scoured through all the music released today to uncover the very best, from sad garage bangers to 50 locked grooves from Joy Orbison to Christmas-themed jungle cuts. Take a look below and support independent music in the process.

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