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06.09.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

The Trailer Trash Tracys: "We like the classics."

THE TRAILER TRASH TRACYS are Susanne Aztoria (vocals) and Jimmy Lee (guitars), a new duo beguiling everyone who stumbles across their myspace page. Their sound is a lush mix of breathy vocals and downtempo backing tracks, wrapped up in a warm blanket of doped out reverb that’s somewhat hampered by an ever-present digital hiss. It’s a sound that brings the COCTEAU TWINS to mind for many, MY BLOODY VALENTINE for a few and Julie Cruise (singer of the Twin Peaks theme) for me. Having just completed a two-night support slot with noughties trip hoppers THE XX, the duo have entered the fray with first release, Candy Girl (download it above) on No Pain In Pop. I caught up with them for lunchtime soft drinks in a Borough Market wine bar to ask, what’s in a name?

“I used to work at the Bull and Gate and they had bands with names like Anal Beard and Switchblade Sadie. I just loved those trashy, not trying too hard ideas. So we kinda wanted a name like that,” says Jimmy Lee. It’s a curiously blithe gesture for a group who favour a systemic approach to music making. “We purposely try to strip out other elements like keyboards; we just try to make the most of what we have. It’s kind of restricting in many ways. Sometimes you’d like to try other stuff but then you think, ‘No, lets just get the best out of what we can.’”

Formed two years ago and gigging since February this year, Susanne and Jimmy present a united front that is singular in mind and approach. It’s the kind of synthesis of influence and opinion that only a duo can arrive at. “We like the classics. Essentially the backbone of it all, through the history of pop and rock n roll music, is just melodic tunes. From the Beatles to Abba to Blondie,” says Jimmy. “Timeless songs, you know,” adds Susanne. “We always wanted to do pop music but we try to steer away from the cheesy side of it.”

It’s a winning formula and one that they hope to extend to the task of making a classic album. “We’d like to do one good album, where every song is something that we’re completely happy with,” says Susanne. “Regardless of what people say about it,” continues Jimmy, “we just want to put something out that we are totally into.” Suzanne nods in agreement. “Yeah and then at least, in about 20 years, we’ll be able to play it and say we did this years ago and be proud of it.” The way these two are going it’s a sure thing.

Catch them live at their single launch this Friday 11 Sept at The Lexington in London.

The Trailer Trash Tracys myspace

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