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12.09.2012, Words by dummymag

Theo Parrish - Flowers

The truth is, I’ve never really understood the fervent admiration that Theo Parrish acquires. His fan base ranges from the obsessive to the downright rabid – a cursory glance at his Discogs page reveals the sort of hyperbole that you usually only see on the Twitter feeds of Bieber fans. One reviewer describes him as “the most versatile and otherworldly DJ on this planet”, one says that his set made him “ready to drop to tears”, whilst one reviewer bluntly states “my life is better since hearing him.” I suppose Parrish is like Bieber in this respect, only rather than 13 year old girls, his fans are middle-aged men with good haircuts.

With all that said, listening to Flowers, Parrish’s recent track with Andrew Ashong I was left with a feeling of delight. It’s a lovely vocal slow burner, with the sort of live drums you don’t tend to hear on house tracks very often, carried along an infectious and funky groove. It’s a breezy summer jam with an infectious vocal take, but the rewarding injections of rough bass keep it far from saccharine. These may only be baby steps towards understanding his output, but it’s something, right?

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