New Music
14.09.2012, Words by dummymag

Trimbal - Saying (Harmonimix)

Since their revival a few years back, R&S Records have carved out their own niche in dance music that is just as forward-thinking and unique as the rave tracks they made their name on, even if they’re worlds apart stylistically.

James Blake, the name that really brought them back to our attention with his ‘CMYK’ EP, is releasing a new 12” under his Harmonimix alias – the first time this alias has ever made it as far as an official release. ‘Saying’ is one of two Blake’s refixes of ex-Roll Deep member Trim, and has been sought over on blogs and forums and the like for the last couple of years. The beat shuffles along, the bass is warm, Trim’s isolated vocal snippet is suitably weird yet suitably engaging, and the drop is rewarding. It’s good, basically, but it’s not world-shattering.

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