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08.04.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Vessel - Alpha Beta [MP3]

Vessel’s debut EP ‘Nylon Sunset’ is a giddy listen. The sharp drums of Ton and the way those accompanying synths burrow deep. The way Blushes laconically stretches itself out. And then there’s the gigantic stomp of the title track, with it’s playfully restless, upbeat tone.

It’s still early days for Sebastian Gainsborough, the man behind the tunes. This release will be his first, and will also be the first release to surface from new label Left Blank. He’s based in Bristol, and is part of the Young Echo collective (who run a radio show) alongside fellow Bristol artists Zhou, El Kid, and new Punch Drunk signing Kahn. Punch Drunk label boss Peverelist also weighs in with a great remix of Nylon Sunset on the EP.

Here you can exclusively grab non-EP track Alpha Beta. There’s a soulfulness underpinning those initial harsh drum patterns. This spills over into a mellow rhythm, before the whole thing sharpens up and gathers itself together again, then keeps building up and up. All sunshine clicks and warm, city moods.

Left Blank will release Vessel’s ‘Nylon Sunset’ EP on May 16th


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