New Music
12.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Vinyl Williams - Leminscate

For those who are tired of desert-inspired LA neo-psych, look away now. For those who can’t get enough, read on. As yet another retro futurist with a penchant for analogue noise and sonic transcendentalism, Vinyl Williams (aka visual artist and musician Lionel Williams) makes the music of dreams. The fact that he’s the grandson of cinema score goliath John Williams, responsible for the sounds of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and E.T. couldn’t hurt with the oozing creativity either. There’s the sweet comfort of the warm fuzzy reverb of Tokyo->Sumatra and the degraded folk pop melody of Higher Worlds to wrap around you like a blanket.

Like many more from that strange and wonderful west coast haven, Williams and his 2011 LP release ‘Leminscate’ explored the depth of new weird California’s creative energy that churns out just so much amazing stuff. Along with the likes of Eddie Ruscha (that’s the psychedelic Jnr, not his eminent pop artist dad), Ariel Pink and a bunch of bands on the Not Not Fun roster, Williams is a part of that growing list of artists from the area that make music both vibrant and inspiring. Vinyl Williams’ next album ‘Ultimate World’ is out on Warmest Chord April 9th.

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