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15.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Visionist & Lorca - Slapstickk [MP3]

London label Left Blank have put out their second release, following on from their first by Bristol newcomer Vessel. This time around, they’ve gone for a split between the producers Visionist and Lorca, with each of them contributing a track to the 2-sided vinyl version, and then collaborating together on the track Slapstickk, which you can now download here for free.

Visionist is a Londoner who has released for Oneman’s 502 Recordings and recently put out the weighty bass slink of Mr. 67 on 92 Points. Lorca is another producer, who’s lately contributed a spaced-out dub-leaning remix for London’s Third Ear Recordings. The two join forces on Slapstickk, which takes a lush synth sound, breaks it up, and underpins it with heaps of bass pressure. It’s a sharp, heavy listen, yanking a listener in with Jupiter-sized gravitational pull. Download the MP3 on this page and be happily dragged down down down…

Left Blank released Lorca & Visionist’s ‘LB002’ on 8th August 2011

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