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05.01.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Vladislav Delay's guide to Northern Finland

Finish musician Sasu Ripatti has operated under a number of aliases over the years, perhaps most prominent being the elemental noise of Vladislav Delay (set to release an EP as Vladislav Delay Quartet on Honest Jons) and his dub-laced, off-kilter take on house as Luomo (a new album from whom should be out this year). In everything Ripatti does though, there’s a common depth and expansiveness, an incredibly natural and instinctual feel for sound. Which is why it made sense to ask him a bit about the places near where he now lives in remote Northern Finland on the island of Hailuoto, that have been an influence.

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1. A place that conjures up old memories?

Koiranleuka (the jaw of the dog) summer cottage. Viitostie 531, 89600 Suomussalmi. I spent my childhood suummers there, it’s like a home. We still go there every summer now with my own family. It’s next to Ussian border, very special, remote, charming area.

2. A place that has a strong influence on your music?

Lapland, the nature park of Kevo and the Teno river area. I try to go there also every summer. The nature is amazing there, fishing is great and the Sami people are special kind. The sparseness there on the mountains and the wilderness has had a great influence on me and so on the music I make.

3. A place you like to go out?

Sunikari fishing harbor and shore. It’s a few kilometers fom where we live. Summer time I go biking a lot and go there to stare and listen at the ocean waves.

4. Somewhere people who have never been to the area before should definitely visit?

The north shore of Hailuoto which is more difficult to reach, you need a 4*4 car. It’s the protected area, mainly a place for migrating birds to nest so you have to be careful not to get attacked by the wild birds. There are rough sand shores for kilometers, and no people to see.

5. The place you live?

Island of Hailuoto. Pölläntie 455, 90480 Hailuoto. The studio building is next to our house. Making muic here is great, I have a window towards ocean shore through the woods. It’s a great balance to all the traveling and the cities; pure clean air, silence and solitude.

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