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05.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

2:54 – You’re Early (Wild Beasts remix)

The two bands have toured together in the past with 2:54 supporting the ‘Smother’ Wild Beasts on their last UK journey. The result of their friendship is a remix of 2:54’s new single, due for realease on April 9. You’re Early is taken from 2:54’s self-titled album, which will be released on May 28.

This remix, released as You’re Early’s B-side, features vocalist Hayden Thorpe singing alongside 2:54’s frontwoman Colette Thurlow. It’s a slow, gloomy and mysterious song which sees the two repeating on loop “I just wanna be close, I just wanna be close, wanna be close..” in a rather melancholic, lugubrios and not so enjoyable atmosphere.

You can stream You’re Early’s Wild Beasts remix below.

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