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27.02.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

"You made Jme stop": Wiley shares 'Don't Bread Me' Skepta diss

Wiley hits back at "clout chaser" Skepta...

Wiley has sent for Skepta on a new track, ‘Don’t Bread Me’, addressing the pair’s longtime beef.

The grime godfather had been teasing the response for a while on social media, with Cadet’s tragic passing halting proceedings.

Skepta dropped ‘Wish You Were Here‘ at the beginning of the month, attacking Wiley’s infamous no-shows.

The new Eskiboy cut drops some incisive disses, including about Skepta’s brother Jme (“You made Jme stop, that’s paigon time”), relating to Wiley’s claim that Skepta asked his sibling to stop releasing music.

With lines like “Deep down you’re not an MC,” and “If Dan never made ‘German Whip’ you’d be right back there at the back of the line,” Wiley doesn’t hold back.

Download ‘Don’t Bread Me’ via Sendspace or listen via the link below.

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