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15.02.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Your Twenties "Our ideal evenings are spent at home."

In the pastel-tinged world of Your Twenties, Fleetwood Mac and Elastica rule the airwaves, yachting in coordinated cardigans is the national sport and Brian Wilson’s mental illness inspires every band in the country.

If you missed the London group’s debut single Caught Wheel in November, you overlooked a slice of pop so timeless and warm that you’re instantly transported to that great lost summer where the days were endless and friends were bounteous. The sweep of high harmonies, alluring guitars and bleep-bleep-bloop 70s sound effects created one of the songs of the year. Think Popcorn by Hot Butter crossed with Blur’s _For Tomorrow_  and now tell me that you’re not excited. Singer and sometime Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing reflects: “I don’t think our music references any contemporary bands, as the line we’re traveling down isn’t very fashionable at the moment. Our ideal favourite evenings are often spent at home being listening to 45s from 3 decades ago, drinking fine red wine, being antisocial and making wonky pop music.”

Your Twenties are a charming band of interlinked school friends and brothers, fronted by Gabriel Stebbing who is better known for his day job as bassist, and dancer, in Joe Mount’s band. They’ve pulled in Mr Metronomy on production duty, an ongoing musical partnership since Gabriel and Joe met as teenagers, taking it in turns to write and front their projects. Although very much Gabriel’s band, he says Joe had enjoyed working on the tracks:

“For the past few years Metronomy has taken dominance but Joe’s always been really supportive of the music I’ve written and now we’re working on Your Twenties I think he’s excited about getting to produce a ‘live band’. The sound is very different, it’s not like I’m invading his territory.”

Your Twenties are heading back into the studio in February to complete an album which they hope will sell enough copies so they can “move to America, marry librarians and pursue yachting, in that order”.

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