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Ten Billion Angels Cover
08.09.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Zora Jones releases debut album, 'Ten Billion Angels', with 360° interactive visuals

The record has been inspired by the producer's fascination with 3D tentacle pornography

Zora Jones’ debut solo album, ‘Ten Billion Angels’, is released today via her Fractal Fantasy label.

Recorded over the last four years while she and label co-founder Sinjin Hawke toured their live AV show and lived between cities, the songs were composed on Zora’s laptop and headphones in airports, hotel rooms, Airbnbs, and friends’ sofas.

“Making music helps me handle the stress that comes from navigating an industry driven by social media addiction, clout chasing, and people taking advantage of each other. It centers me and lets me focus on the beauty in my life: health, friends, love, nature, fans … I have so much to be thankful for,” Zora Jones says of the record.

She continues: “A few years ago I discovered 3D tentacle pornography, and admired how obsessive the creators were with their craft and how artful a lot of it was. I was fascinated by the online communities revolving around it was compelled to explore this visually and create my own version of it.”

Watch Zora Jones’ ‘Ten Billion Angels’ visual album here.

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