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19.02.2019, Words by dummymag

Actress collaborator K Á R Y Y N speaks out about female producers being overlooked

"actually Im the one who produced &wrote the entire track except 4 a kic & snare given 2me by my collaborator"

Multi-disciplinary producer and vocalist K Á R Y Y N has spoken about a description of her work that overlooks her contribution as a producer.

Posting on Twitter, the write-up mentions her track with Actress under his Young Paint alias, describing her contribution as a “nape-prickling vocal line from Bjork favourite Káryyn”.

She continued: “Thats my ego speaking -however spiritual I am, I do live in this 3d reality, in a human body, & our efforts have reward. I never thought Id be an artist to say “i did this, did this” but I also believed that as a producer I would be taken seriousy without the assumption made that it was my male counterpart who made the music and I lent only my voice.

“Anyway, so there it is. Im grateful for the write up &I also hope folks will understand the importance of making this distinction is not only for myself but for other woman producers to be acknowledged.”

The Syrian-Armenian-American artist is about to release her debut album ‘THE QUANTA SERIES’ on Mute next month, a work of experimental electronics inspired by human interaction, grief and her familial history.

Young Paint is an AI project programmed and designed by Darren J Cunningham aka Actress, and developed by Goldsmiths’ Digital Department.

Listen to the track now:

K Á R Y Y N’s ‘THE QUANTA SERIES’ album will be released by Mute on March 29th – and she is about to embark on Apparat’s European tour that kicks off in April.


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