02.08.2013, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Actress to explore the "decomposition of faith and truth" in Werkhaus collaboration

The avant-garde producer will collaborate with artists Eddie Peake and Nic Hamilton at St. John's Church.

Actress has elaborated on news of his upcoming live performance at Hackney's St. John's Church. Clearly, it was never going to be any old gig in a church: the avant-garde producer is collaborating with artists Eddie Peake and Nic Hamilton for a one-off event that will incorprate sound, live visuals and, excitingly, performance.

The collaboration has come about via Werkhaus, the creative collective established by Actress in 2011 (see photos from the launch exhibit here). In a release issued by Werkhaus, the group say that it is their "most ambitious" project to date, explaining: "Werkhaus at St. John's Sessions is an experiment between the three artists Actress, Eddie Peake and Nic Hamilton. Each of their creative processes will adapt and respond to the location and to each other simultaneously, forming a situation improvised through creative timing, natural chance and mechanical subversion."

In terms of what to expect musically, the release goes on to say that "Actress will perform a composition from sounds assembled especially for this production, using the infuence of the evenings setting to explore ideas around the decomposition of faith and truth."

Natural chance, mechanical subversion and the decomposition of faith and truth: sounds like a good night out to us. See below for a glimpse into the work of Eddie Peake and Nic Hamilton, including his video for Actress that made it onto our best videos of 2012 list and grab tickets and more details here.

Actress, Eddie Peake and Nic Hamilton will perform at St. John's Church in Hackney, London on 29th August 2013.



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