30.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

ADR - Solitary Pursuits [album stream]

One half of New York's Gatekeeper swaps dark drama for swooning synths.

New York duo Gatekeeper’s last EP on Merok Records packed in the atmosphere. All rumbling, driving synth lines and techno pulsations, delivered with horror movie soundtrack dramatics. One half of the pair is artist Aaron David Ross, who put together this solo album for new label Public Information. The emphasis is still on building full-bodied, strong atmosphere but the theatrics are deployed with a more ambient bent. Synths swoon and glide like Drexciya in pensive mode (the song titles, Jupiter Rising and Mercury Retrograde among them, definitely point Detroit techno way too), and tracks trickle and beat along delicate lines. It’s a different approach using a similar analog template to Gatekeeper, and the impact of it isn’t as instant or forceful as the duo’s work. But nevertheless, it’s a well put together set of tracks showing ADR’s gift for atmosphere and mood isn’t just one-dimensional.

ADR– Solitary Pursuits by Public Information

Public Information will release ADR’s album ‘Solitary Pursuits’ on 19th September 2011

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