20.04.2012, Words by Karen Chan

Andy Stott, JD Twitch and patten remix The Hundred In The Hands

The Hundred In The Hands unveil new single details, featuring remixes by Andy Stott, JD Twitch and patten, due out on Warp this May.

Following on their 2010 debut album, New York electro/pop duo The Hundred In The Hands (Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman) return to London label Warp with their second effort in late May. They have also announced details for their first single ‘Keep It Low’, taken from the forthcoming ‘Red Night’ LP. This 12” single will feature three remixes, delivered by Andy Stott, JD Twitch and patten, all chosen by the The Hundred in the Hands.

On Warp’s website, the duo explain the reason behind the choice of remixers, “We were listening to Andy Stott’s ‘Passed Me By’ and “We Stay Together” EP’s a lot as we started the record. So many good ideas and textures, with low end in the extreme that kind of rattled our minds a bit. When it came to looking for people to remix, he was first on the list. The legendary Optimo duo have been such an influence on so many artists in recent years, and in maybe too many cases we end up liking their versions a bit more than the originals. We just had to ask. JD Twitch turned in two versions, each unique and equally epic. We couldn’t make up our minds so, we stuck them both on. We’d been hearing bits from Patten and got excited. It’s hallucinatory, uneasy and fractured. Pretty much everything we like. “Mountains” was a track that was written totally in the flow of the album but still just couldn’t fit in, it just wouldn’t play nice with the other tracks and just became its own beast of a thing. This seemed like the best place to let it out.”

Listen to Keep It Low:

The Hundred In The Hands – ‘Keep It Low’ tracklisting:

1. Keep It Low (Edit)
2. Keep It Low (Andy Stott Remix)
3. Keep It Low (A JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
4. Mountains
5. Keep It Low (Patten Remix)
6. Keep It Low (A JD Twitch Optimo Dub)

Warp will release The Hundred In The Hands – ‘Keep It Low’ single on vinyl, CD and digital formats on 28th May; while ‘Red Light’ album will drop on 31st May, 2012

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