29.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Ariel Pink and R Stevie Moore announce offensively titled, 60-track, hyper-limited album

Still reassuringly batty man from LA will release 100 tapes from his 60-track collaboration with R Stevie Moore, 'Ku Klux Glam', which you can stream inside.

So, Ariel Pink signed to big indie and is now nearly well known and everything. But, the LA hypnogogic musician is still doing the sort of microrelease that wouldn’t exist another way, collaborating with lo-fi elder statesman R Stevie Moore on an album unbelievably titled ‘Ku Klux Glam’, which you can stream below. A tape, featuring a 20-track “taste” of the KKG project, limited to 100 tapes, is out through Stroll On Records on the 30th April.

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