23.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Artists, the Momentum Music Fund wants to give you money

The Momentum Music Fund was just launched at Brighton's Great Escape festival, and has £500,000 to offer to emerging artists and musicians.

At The Great Escape’s convention last Friday a brand new Arts Council-backed fund was announced, which plans to inject around £500,000 of money into the music industry through grants offered up to bands and artists.

The Momentum Music Fund plans to roll out grants of between £5,000-£15,000 to around 50-75 acts over the next two years. The fund is keeping things pleasingly broad on making the money available to all stratas of popular music – although acts will need to be able to lay out a business plan and be at an appropriate stage in their career.

If you’re a budding musician or band then head to PRS for Music Foundation’s site for more information on how to apply for Momentum. Good luck!

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