28.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Awkward! Bloc Party reform without telling Kele

So that 00s band are back together recording, they just didn't let the singer know.

In a piece of news that would have shocked the world in 2005, Bloc Party are apparently re-forming without their front-man, Kele Okereke. According a chat guitarist Russell Lissack had with the NME, the rest band were not about to sit around waiting for Okereke to finish his solo work and so decided to carry on without their former singer.

Lissack’s statement was brief and to-the-point:

“It’s not really a secret because Kele’s been pretty busy doing solo stuff and it looks like he’s going to be doing that a bit longer. The other three of us wanted to meet up and make music. We were talking about just doing an instrumental thing, but now we might get a singer as well, to properly put some music out and play some shows.”

Okereke responded to the news this morning with a terse, riposte on his website. “You can’t fire me because I quit” was the post title, the cryptic line “Dont believe everything you read” underneath, accompanied by a video of Nirvana’s Scentless Apprentice.

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