04.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Azealia Banks - No Problems

Azealia retaliates after twitter feud with Angel Haze with a blaring Machinedrum-produced track.

Following the diss track that Angel Haze released slating Azealia Banks after their twitter quarrel, Banks has retaliated with new track No Problems.

Rapping over Machinedrum-produced beat Alarmaa, the Harlem artist uploaded the song onto Soundcloud tagged with the word “witch-hop”. Spitting lyrics like “this butch bitch got blue balls” and “you a man you got your dick back” Banks shows she’s not one to mess with.

Angel Haze responded on twitter, rap’s beef breeding ground, calling Azealia’s retaliation “weak” and saying “f*ck that, give me thirty minutes. Ill record this sh*t on garage band”.

One thing’s for certain – this won’t be the last we hear of Banks versus Haze.

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